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December 2009: Arts: Emailing Myvue - complaining about booking

November 2009: Arts: Re-bop jazz... - the jazz festival

November 2009: Arts: Reader's Block - arts groups and book clubs

November 2009: Thinking: Inappropriate anger? - on public services

November 2009: Lifestyle: WAV rant - WAV decision made

October 2009: Thinking: A room of my own - needing personal space

October 2009: Arts: Our Class - theatre on violence and prejudice

September 2009: Thinking: Right to die? - ranting on rights

September 2009: Lifestyle: Carole Waller - wearable art

September 2009: Lifestyle: Enabled by Design - stylish disability products?

August 2009: Health Matters: Shagging Richard Armitage - lost opportunities

August 2009: Arts: Royal Court & Donmar - Jerusalem and Streetcar

August 2009: Thinking: Save our DLA - fuming and campaigning

August 2009: Socialising: Summer eating - The Glasshouse, Gary Rhodes et al

June 2009: Socialising: Raining on my parade - Boundary Grill

May 2009: Lifestyle: Great support - support MS

May 2009: Lifestyle: - online market: disability equipment

May 2009: Arts: Don John - Kneehigh at BAC

May 2009: Health Matters: Resentment - relationship advice!

April 2009: Arts: Something good... - Picasso exhibition

April 2009: Health Matters: Glass Walls - Fiona on CFS/ME

April 2009: Thinking: A special birthday - the wisdom of Maya Angelou

March 2009: Health Matters: Motivation - and inspiration

March 2009: Arts: Welcome, April - a bad month

March 2009: Thinking: Stripped! - Posting on OUCH

March 2009: Arts: Watchmen - IMAX cinema

March 2009: Socialising: Not a treat! - Richard Corrigan restauramt

March 2009: Lifestyle: Style conflicted? - Wheeliechix

March 2009: Arts: In the mix... - Sadlers Wells

February 2009: Lifestyle: Care Concern - my care agency

February 2009: Arts: King Lear - The Young Vic

February 2009: Arts: Meet TED - The Venezuelan Youth Orchestra

January 2009: Socialising: EaZy In-D-iana - Min Jiang

January 2009: Lifestyle: Wrapping up - stylish wheelchair user?

January 2009: Lifestyle: Man as Fashion Victim - Andrew on mens fashion

January 2009: Arts: Getting in... - The Novello Theatre

January 2009: Arts: Getting out... - playing and places

January 2009: Health Matters: My illness 2008 - a chronology

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