Stiletto and wheels Stiletto title Sole to sole Stiletto

STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
ARTS - April 2009
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I am sitting, listening to the effervescent jazzy vibes of Fiesta by the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, thinking about … jazz in Paris, the idealism of Socialism, the Guernica and Picasso … we went along to The National Gallery last weekend to see the Picasso exhibition currently on there. Really loved it; catch it if you love modern art.

The exhibition focusses on the inspiration, derived from fellow artists, evidenced in some of Picasso’s work - an interesting perspective to view both familiar and less familiar pieces. So fortuitous for him - to live through such an exceptionally diverse and challenging century as the twentieth...and to live a long life, in good health, allowing him to express his unique artisitic gift to, I imagine, the fullest extent.

Would he have been such a great artist had he lived in a less stimulating times, I wonder? Perhaps tumultuous and difficult experiences are in some way necessary to inspire the greatest ‘expression’ – in whatever form that takes - from all of us? To be touched, moved, to the extremes of what we are capable demands we do more, be more, than we ever thought possible.

EEEk, this is taking me to a place that I am not sure I want to go. Am I kind of comparing having a wonderful talent, along with the good fortune to be able to fully express that, with the unique challenges we each may face in our personal lives, and how we are ‘inspired’ by necessity to deal with these? I usually get so irritated by those who suggest my illness has been a force for something good in my own life!

OK, obviously these situations are not equal, or equally desirable, but, in some cerebral way, I do believe that art and life demand similar levels of intensity, discipline, sacrifice and creativity for us to feel that we have been, and done, the very best that we are capable of. So, yes, call me Picasso-eLle and hand me a paintbrush … dontcha know, I’m working here … masterpiece-in-progress …!

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The National Gallery is very accessible and was reasonably quiet. late afternoon, Good Friday.

One(!) blue badge holder space – we booked weeks earlier.

There are a few more, non-reservable, blue badge spaces close by.

We had a decent meal in The National Dining Rooms, about £50 per head for three courses plus wine.

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