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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
ARTS - November 2009
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Great news. I have Reader’s block. Thank you, Sathnam Sanghera, for allowing me to understand why book clubs just R not me! It’s because I have a life, yay for me.

A book club seems like such a great idea but the reality… buying books - that I do not want to read – have no time to read - am always too exhausted to discuss - assuming an emergency hasn’t stopped me, or everyone else, attending on the one evening I managed to read – feeling ground down by the commitment required and the burden of expectation I put upon myself to read – whilst constantly failing to even open the book … sucks.

Reader’s block gets me off the hook. I can abandon the book club and not feel inadequate, guilty or useless. Yet … I still crave a little intellectual stimulation with like-minded friends. What to do?

This month, I watched a DVD of The September Issue with two friends - Grace Coddington is my new hero...anyone prepared to hold their own against the Nuke - (Anna Wintour...aka  Nuclear Wintour (pun on winter)) - full info provided just in case you are not into the chick-lit, metro-speak that I believe you all to be into and don’t know who she is, or what her nickname is...go hang your head in shame if that cap fits, bad people – has gotta be a hero in my book!  It was fabulous girly stuff, darlings.

Afterwards, clasping a glass of champagne in one hand and an expensive chocolate in the other, we mulled over the idea of holding a regular, not too frequent, event – you know, a pleasure not a chore with a small amount of brain cell tickling involved! - and inviting others too. Getting excited as we tossed about, oh, loads of, ideas covering fashion, art, dance, music, political debates, contemporary issues … whatever ...

We did it - sent out emails; asked some people; stressed NO PRESSURE! Our first gathering is on Jan 14, 2010, showing a DVD on Blek La Rat: “If you haven’t heard of him, he predates Banksy for street art & should be quite interesting.”

Will anyone turn up or is 'arts group' a euphemism for 'book club'?

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