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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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Carole Waller is an artist who paints in glorious colour on silk, amongst other materials. She makes beautiful wearable, and non-wearable, art.

I first saw her work a number of years ago when I nearly bought a coat-dress by her, to wear to a wedding, similar to the blue one on the left. It was expensive to me at the time, so I decided to be prudent, and have always regretted it. I now know life is way too short and unpredictable not to be bold when you discover the special, the unique or the inspirational.

This year, I needed something special as a birthday present for EaZyD and so I turned to Carole:

‘EaZyD has a fabulous collarless shirt which is, after many years of wear, almost threadbare. This treasured shirt was by Piero Panchetti and is long, loose fitting, in a lightweight, cross-weave, navy linen. It is, sadly, falling apart but he loves it so much that he will not let it die a natural death!  Despite looking far and wide and finding many lovely similar shirts, he continues to yearn for the soft, light volume of the Panchetti.

I would like to commission a shirt in the same style as his Panchetti but made in your beautiful painted fabrics – not so much a replacement as a gloriously unique alternative.’  

Some emails, and the old shirt, went to and fro between us. I sent her some words on the essential EazyD – his colours, his words, his style. Some weeks later, I received a tightly wrapped package and it was everything I had hoped for…

..a beautiful, flamboyant, exquisite work of art

…that may also be worn as an item of clothing

…for a man who loves both.

Thank you, Carole, it was a wonderful gift and is truly appreciated.

Click here for the Carole Waller website.

Or here to see more examples of Carole Waller painted clothing.

Packed chest Whatever
The essential EaZyD
Packed chest
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