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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

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Pulmonary embolus
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Grrr, I am feeling cross again – what is it with September? My laissez-faire nonchalance seems to have disappeared entirely. I shall be outside Downing Street, in my wheelchair, waving a placard, being ignored, any day now…

Last week, Keir Starmer, the current DPP, issued some guidelines on the circumstances under which people may/may not be prosecuted for giving assistance to a seriously ill or incapacitated person who wishes to exercise their ‘right to die’ - slightly confusing really as the current law of the land makes assisting a suicide illegal – no exceptions. The guidelines have created the usual media furore on this issue.

In reality, we all know there have been exceptions to the law. Some people do assist others in their own suicide and are not prosecuted on compassionate grounds. Others dare not act illegally but wish they could. Many of us understand why this is. Some feel that the law should be changed to recognise a ‘right to die’, under certain circumstances, and to grant immunity from prosecution to those who assist. Keir Starmer seems to support this view. Others totally disagree. Passions run high and there seems little hope of finding a mutually acceptable solution that breaches this divide.

Sadly, as the huge numbers, of those trying to defend/change/make policy on this, squabble amongst themselves, a relatively few seriously ill and suffering people are unable to legally take action that affects only them and their loved ones, at their moment of most severe need. This makes me fume.

I am not suggesting that many of the issues raised in this debate are not relevant. I understand many have a sincere and strongly held moral imperative in opposing further legislation on this matter. I understand it is difficult to accept the impossibility of an agreed position and, hence, difficult to proceed with any action.

I do not understand how anyone, in particular those lacking the uniquely personal insight of the affected, ...

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