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August 2013: Thinking: Emotion Sways Principle - Reality and right to die principles

August 2013: Thinking: Parents Talking Disability - Kids awareness of disability

June 2013: Thinking: Disability & Public Access - Time to improve access

March 2013: Thinking: What's the Disability Plan? - Support for disablity?

February 2013: Thinking: Be Inspired - Style for Changing Lives

December 2012: Thinking: Have A Cool Yule - Merry Christmas 2012

November 2012: Thinking: +Black Illustrated - Laughing at life

October 2012: Thinking: Empowerment - showing compassion

August 2012: Thinking: Tony Nicklinson's right to die - showing compassion

June 2012: Thinking: Taking a break - writing about my life bores me

February 2012: Thinking: Being yourself - failings in emotional support

January 2012: Thinking: The Welfare Reform Bill - Harsh policies passed

January 2012: Thinking: Resolving to-do ... - No resolutions, a lot to-do

December 2011: Thinking: Where's the Benefit - Petition against the WRB

December 2011: Thinking: Merry Christmas - Best wishes

November 2011: Thinking: It's the claimants, stupid - 'The Future of Welfare'

October 2011: Thinking: The Positivity Myth - more lecturing on positivity?

August 2011: Thinking: One law ... - consequences of decisions

August 2011: Thinking: Nazi analogy? - poor choice of analogy

July 2011: Thinking: Creative Thinking? - wishing for creativity

May 2011: Thinking: Hardest Hit - Harsh attitudes to disability

March 2011: Thinking: A tax burden? - Merging PAYE/NI

March 2011: Thinking: Bunnies boiling in hell? - watching what you say

February 2011: Thinking: Signing up? - Petition against DLA reform

January 2011: Thinking: One Month ... - Petition against DLA reform

December 2010: Thinking: Shame on us? - DLA, unsustainable support

November 2010: Thinking: I protest ... - taking the easy cuts

October 2010: Thinking: Hating politicians ... - taking the easy cuts

September 2010: Thinking: Welfare in a state? - attacks on the welfare state

July 2010: Thinking: What's fair? (3) - means testing DLA

June 2010: Thinking: What's fair? (2) - political attacks on the disabled?

June 2010: Thinking: What's fair? (1) - 'axe and tax' budget fair?

May 2010: Thinking: Disability Ghetto 2010 - No disability voice in politics

November 2009: Thinking: Inappropriate anger? - on public services

October 2009: Thinking: A room of my own - needing personal space

September 2009: Thinking: Right to die? - ranting on rights

August 2009: Thinking: Save our DLA - fuming and campaigning

April 2009: Thinking: A special birthday - the wisdom of Maya Angelou

March 2009: Thinking: Stripped! - Posting on OUCH

December 2007: Thinking: 10th anniversary - reflections

November 2006: Thinking: Dissonance - assumption and expectation

July 2004: Thinking: Ignorance & bliss - not knowing

May 2004: Thinking: In remembrance... - of a friend

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