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Pulmonary embolus

Having been on the receiving end of some uncaring, angry nursing myself, I was fuming after reading an extract from a blog by The Militant Medical Nurse a few weeks ago.

The patient’s relatives were dismissed as ‘Fucking simpletons’ who ‘piss and moan at ‘non essential problems ... with venom shooting out of every pore'; pharmacists were described as ‘precious; the ‘goddamn’ doctors as ‘the most fucked up thing’; the domestic is a ‘bitch’ and management no help at all.

She wants: protected mealtimes, no public phone calls, no doctors on ward rounds, no patients crashing or being unwell, more nurses, domestics to wait for nurses to finish…yada, yada, yada.

Apparently, the collective response has been: 'Fuck you Nurse. Fuck you'.

Pretty much my response too, as I readied myself to type a furious riposte from the, barely mentioned, patient’s point of view. And then, I paused, reflecting that the last time I tossed an unthinking tweet off in high dudgeon, I managed to inadvertently offend one individual who took my words very personally (totally not meant that way) and has rained hell down on me from that day to this despite our mutual, passionate support of common cause! I had come across the cyber-bitch from hell, the online equivalent of the Bunny Boiler. Eek!

Not liking what I saw, I backed, very slowly, away. Of course, I’ve seen this happen, before and since, to many different people in other contexts but when it’s you – wow! It’s like a ghastly form of playground bullying – you’re either in the gang, or not, and if the bully says not, no quarter is given. Nasty!

With my anger simmering, I had to consider: did I want to behave like a bully? Frankly, no, I did not and what would have been my scintillating riposte to Militant Nursie’s rant remains unwritten. I've come to the view that there’s a fine line sizzling out there in cyberspace separating the friendly and open exchange of views from unreasoned torrents of angry personal abuse. I want to stay firmly on the pleasant and sunny side of it.

There’s enough misery in my life already, thanks. No bunnies boiling in hell happening here! Militant Nursie was just having a bad day – or a career of bad days! Maybe time to consider a job change, love, if it’s not too offensive of me to say so?

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