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THINKING - January 2012 pinteresticon greytwitter1

New Year: new to-do list. Not resolutions. Definitely not resolutions – my inner child turns mutinous at the mere mention - but there’s no harm in turning to a fresh page in the book of life and applying yourself to the list of things you really want to do, is there? You know, the fun stuff, the stuff that improves your whole quality of life that gets blown away by the blizzard of mundane things you have-to-do. For me, this includes:

Applying myself to creative writing.

That book that’s been in my head for over three years now is really not going to write itself. I know that. So, I must learn more of the craft. Make an effort to find some like-minded souls, even (takes a big breath) join a writing group. And, the most important thing, write regularly. Just do it.

Resolving wheelchair lifestyle issues.

Sort out footplate problems with folding wheelchair. Organize demos for new, more mobile, power wheelchair. Get in and out of the car in power wheelchair. Big girl panties on – be brave(r) even if in baby steps! It will be worth it.

Being more spontaneous.

I need to try some new things socially and get out of my current zone of comfort ... cautiously! I think I’ll stop booking things ahead and just see what happens more. I’m fed up with arranging my life months ahead. Be free.

Improving life by sorting out house.

Stop talking and do. Get the architect plans drawn up. Cost it out. Decide how to finance. Consider if it’s do-able in 2012 or shift to 2013 project list. Breathe it into reality.

Taking a holiday.

This is, sadly, subject to resolving the wheelchair lifestyle issues above and the financial issues of home improvement. Also, I have to be able to find nice places to stay – if it’s not at least as good as my home, why bother? The trick is not to get too demoralized by the constant knock backs when querying access and facilities. Man up, as they say, to rejection – not my forte to date – who’d have thought I’d be so sensitive?! Will start working again on rhino-hide. And search for possibilities.

Being; doing; making it real; being open to possibilities; finding freedom – my goals for the coming year … tho' it’s all about the journey, don’t ya think? I shan’t be too worried if my to-do list isn’t completed as long as I am enjoying the scenery as I go.

I’m feeling energized, optimistic and ready for all that 2012 will bring and I hope, in your own way, by your own means, that you are too. Happy New Year.

creative thinking
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