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As a society, we have all become consumers, expecting choice and to get what we want on demand. Additionally, medical advances allow many more of us to live life with a disability, young and old.

Yet, in marketing terms, those with all and any disability and the old (often applied as a term to anyone over 50) are often lumped together as being of similar behaviour and need, with low levels of expectation in demand and income assumed.

Is this a realistic assumption? Probably not, even now, and definitely not in the future. Marketing analysis already, from this very disparate group, suggests that:

  • it will increasingly comprise both more and wealthier people than ever before.
  • there is a demand to receive diversity and individualism in the offer of goods and services
  • irrespective of age/disability, consumers in the same lifestyle group respond to marketing stimuli in a similar way, hence
  • lifestyle characteristics are a more efficient way of targeting marketing campaigns than date of birth/ability
  • marketers are being very slow to respond to the specific consumer needs of the elderly and disabled.

No kidding! Here, at Stiletto Wheels, we want good quality, design, style, to be creative and pro-active in looking good and living well from a wheelchair. We actively seek anyone that has products which 'fit' this ethos.

Help us out. Do you have a good quality product or service to offer wheelchair users and the mobility impaired? If so, contact us. If we like it, we will promote it on our site and in our email newsletter, where appropriate. Interested?

Please contact us or send an email:

ETHOS - the fundamental and distinctive characteristics of a...

GROUP - being a distinctive unit in an artistic composition or a...

MARKET - a group within a population that can be sold to.

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