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GiGi with bubbles

A website for inspiring women to find their own individual style at the moments when their confidence needs a boost. Plan: find something fab, preferably +Black and, hey! Job done.

Some great blogs that are wheelchair friendly:

Blue Badge Style - for the discerning disabled

Looking up - by Tim Rushby-Smith

Sophie Morgan - great art by Sophie

Benefit Scrounging Scum - disability campaigning

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger - another campaign blog

Shannon Murray - website by Shannon Murray

Martyn Sibley - dynamically disabled, Martyn's blog

GiGi with bubbles

Ian Mitchell has provided most of the fabulous, original artwork used on this site. Do visit his site and contact him direct if you are interested in his work.

GiGi with bubbles

Hannah Ensor has provided a series of fabulous, original illustrations for +Black which are also used on SW. Do visit her site and contact her direct if you are interested in her work.

Some sites for obscure neurological illnesses:

GBS/CIDP Foundation - international

GBS/CIDP support group - UK

Devis & NMO - a distinct but MS like illness

Transverse Myelitis Association - again distinct but like MS


Farshideh is a physiotherapist who specialises in neurological illnesses. She has treated me for some years and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Much Ado

An author and her book...

see my Inspiration

Some sites for shopping:

IZ Adaptive Clothing - if you need it, this is the best site

Disabled Gear - online market: disability equipment

Enabled By Design - product reviews & news

Xeni Collection - stylish disability-aware product

Trabasack - great wheelchair bags


Martyn and Srin are creating a positive interesting and useful disability magazine with loads of resources to stimulate and engage you. Take a look inside...

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