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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
ARTS - May 2009
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This weekend, we went to The Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) to see Don John by the Kneehigh company, recommended by Andrew Farrow of Live your potential who saw it in Stratford. A theatrical interpretation of a well known story – Don Juan, Don Giovanni – it was a lot of fun.

I had been to BAC a number of times but had no recollection of the theatre space at all. Amazing because it is a most interesting space. Like Wiltons Music Hall and The Young Vic, an old building – the Town Hall - has been converted for theatrical use. The main theatre space is in the former Grand Hall – brick arches, tall walls, curved ceilings. The vast floor space allows room for the construction of an open stage at one end and seats rising from stage level – where the wheelchair spaces are – to high at the back.

As soon as we rolled in, a member of the BAC staff met us and took us through to our seats, happily stopping for programmes on the way. They did the same as we left and were all very sweet – I mention this because it isn’t always the case! The whole production was very professional, amusing and charming. In the open space and close to the stage, we felt the energy of the performers, saw their sweat and joined in dancing with them at the end - obviously, not me! – a nice touch.

Having spent interminable months attending various moribund mainstream theatre productions, I came out feeling energised…and then I nearly rolled down the hill…that’s Battersea Hill … and it’s steep! Probably should have mentioned that!

BAC is right at the top of Battersea Hill and whilst I had no problems with parking – to the side – and access to the building – ramps at both front and side entrances – the pavements… OMG! Suffice to say they could do with a bit of TLC. Be ready to hang on to your wheelchair, ride those bumps and face death should you go forwards down that hill!

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