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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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I have recently re-clicked onto Tanni and Anni at Rackety’s and, both offering a small range of fashionable clothing for the wheelchair user. Sadly, I found neither of interest to me but for entirely different reasons.

The Tanni and Anni range seems to be targeted at a sporty niche in the disability market and, I imagine, that is a market Dame Tanni will know all about. However it is of little interest to me as my days of donning active ‘branded’ sportswear are well over. If it is of interest to you, do swing on by and be inspired. So far, so good...

The Wheeliechix site stirred up more disappointment than simple disinterest in me and left me feeling somewhat conflicted in my views about it. It is a site selling fashion for wheelchair users, set up by a wheelchair user, Louisa Summerfield. As such, I wish it, with all that ‘you go, girl’ fellow feeling I have, all the best of success. I absolutely do not want to be critical about the site … but I am just not comfortable with it.

That I do not like the product is an entirely personal and clearly subjective opinion. For me, it is all too fussy, too fiddly, too shiny and, as seen in the images of the people wearing the clothing on the site, mostly unflattering and often badly fitted.  My view: there is better looking product is to be found in many high street stores.

I have no problem making this subjective criticism and happily accept others will disagree. So, go shop, make up your own mind. Wheeliechix will not fail because I personally do not shop there.

My real underlying discomfort with Wheeliechix is the prominence given to the images of 'sexy' underwear models, not one of them with a visible disability! Is this really the only way to make a site, by wheelchair users for wheelchair users, fly - scantily clad ‘perfect’ models draped over a wheelchair in underwear that may be bought from any mainstream site, like, say Figleaves? Buying a lace thong and push up bra … not a real problem, is it, whatever your disability?

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