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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Petrus restaurant
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Amazingly, we were free on the last May Bank Holiday Monday. Yippee, a chance to be spontaneous, so we swung over to Tate Britain to see a few rooms juxtaposing Turner and Rothko – interesting, I love the more abstract Turner pieces and was fascinated to see the influence they had on Rothko.


On leaving the Tate, the weather was a bit overcast but we really wanted to try eating at the Boundary Grill – the newly opened rooftop restaurant of The Boundary Hotel, a potential location for Sunday lunch with EaZyD's family … BIG birthday alert! We called ahead and they said that, as long as the rain stayed away, we would be good so we drove across to Shoreditch.

As with every Conran establishment we have ever been to, access was really easy and the staff were very welcoming. They opened adjacent fire doors to give level access, the lift was pretty fab, and the rooftop fully accessible (as was the adjacent café). At present, there is no cover at all up there – not good for skin cancer girl on a sunny day which this was decidedly not – but canopy cover is expected shortly. There were huge sofas, tables and chairs for lounging, a fireplace and dining areas plus enough room for children to run around in and a view over the rooftops of the City…so a possibility for that lunch if the food was OK?

And, it was... OK, that is. We shared grilled asparagus, had scallop/pancetta kebabs with griddled vegetables and shared a mango/passionfruit pavlova – all whilst holding umbrellas … who doesn’t love British Bank Holidays? We left, feeling all fuzzy and warm towards Sir Terence Conran and his well-designed venues.

A few days later, some foodie friends with personal professional experience of The (Conran) Man and his business suggested that his compliance in respect of access was motivated purely by legal necessity. His personal view was alleged to incline towards that of the disabled ‘spoiling the aesthetics’ of his design! Rain on my parade, why dontcha?

Am I going anyway? You bet! Yes, of course, it is disheartening to hear that one who provides such good facilities may hold such prejudiced views but, thankfully, we live in a society that prohibits the legal public exercise of such discriminatory personal opinions. So, I shall get out there and be the obvious embodiment of contrariness to the similarly prejudiced and I hope you all will do the same…not because you care but because you don’t care what the prejudiced think….and why should you, dahlings…’spoiling the aesthetic’ indeed? My fabulousness oozes from every screw on my wheels…!

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