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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
ARTS - August 2009
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"My dad said he jumped

I really could not do a summer catch up on my website without raving about a new play I saw at The Royal Court – Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth. Sadly, I am writing this too late for anyone reading it to see the play, which ended this month, but I do believe it was pretty much sold out anyway.

It truly was a great theatrical experience - described by one critic as ’Shameless for the theatre’.  A spectular, leafy, set and some hugely entertaining fantastical storytelling - I will never be able to think about Cherry (Cheryl) Cole and Girls Aloud without laughing out loud and I really could believe that Giants roam the land unseen by the BBC. The production was well-served by a stellar cast including Mackenzie Crook and Mark Rylance who was totally fantastic in it – a real tour-de-force performance of both searing comedy and genuine pathos ultimately. Brilliant, and I love The Royal Court. They have managed to adapt an old building for wheelchairs pretty well, although getting tickets for the wheelchair spaces can be a pain as they never answer the phone and do not respond quickly to emails. Still, must not quibble as I always do get there in the end and the variety and thrill of their productions do make the visits worthwhile.

NB as I am covering summer theatre here, I must also mention Rachael Weisz who is really good in Streetcar Named Desire at another of my favourite theatres – The Donmar (decent wheelchair spaces but not many of them…tho’ not many of us seem to do theatre so no real problem, I guess!). OK, the play is very long and, on the night we went, the theatre was very hot but we exited wanting to look up the film with Vivien Leigh and Brando to compare the performances – so, overall, pretty good then.

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