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I had one of the Care Concern office managers here today completing a checklist on safety issues in my home. It made me think that I have not had cause to rant on about my carers since December 2001…and what a recommendation that is for the agency I use. I will say it again: Care Concern – not rocket science, is it?

I am now in my seventh year with them and they truly are a professional bunch of people. Carers turn up, on time; on the phone with reasons, if not. Experienced carers accompany those who are new to any client. All the carers are well trained, capable of communicating and professional in manner and approach. All staff are polite and helpful, responsive to requests. Fantastic.

This is how the provision of care should be and so woefully wasn’t with my previous agency. I shudder to remember both my own experiences and the stories I heard of poorly trained carers; those who did not turn up or couldn’t care less when they did; those who abused and even stole from clients; also, those who tried to do their best, cracking under the burdens of poor scheduling and the irresponsibility of others. All really shocking to me at the time.

I do now pay more than I did but if we want good care, it must be paid for, no? Ongoing training, continual recruitment, efficient systems, good practice, adherence to industry standards, sufficient time resources – all of these cost money.

I have been lucky. Lucky - and it was no more than luck - to find a good agency. Lucky that my paid for daily care needs are not extensive thanks to EaZyD, and his employers for allowing him flexible hours. Lucky that I am able to split my personal care needs from other living and household assistance - a huge bigup to my fantastic daily helpers for the non-personal support they provide. I certainly could not afford to finance, at carer rates, twenty-four hour, or even a ten hour, support.

How do those not so lucky manage? Not at all well, I suspect.

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