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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Petrus restaurant
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I am sitting here on a Saturday night watching EaZyD slide under the table. Where am I? Richard Corrigan’s Mayfair restaurant...and what a nightmare experience it has been.  

I was so looking forward to a treat after a grim few months. With an unexpected evening free, we rang Corrigans. They had a table in their ‘overflow’ room. Ummm, OK, it was last minute, we took it, how bad could it be?

With steps at the front, we had to access the restaurant via the adjacent hotel, through the kitchens (very hot, very tense, very busy). The ‘overflow’ room did not immediately impress - too hot, low-ceilinged, dark, dull. We were led to a small table, my wheelchair was positioned with back to the room. Within five minutes, two people had crashed into me – OUCH, for me and them! I moved, disrupting everyone in the process… I hate that!

The menu choice was huge – using fresh, seasonal produce? And, not a single dessert I wanted. I cannot remember that happening before...ever! I am a dessert person. How could there be no dessert for me? I wanted to cry. Hot, uncomfortable and no dessert … this was NO TREAT!

The rest was all bad or boring. Lengthy waits, disappointing food – my John Dory was dry, the Jerusalem artichokes inedible; EaZyD’s rhubarb soufflé was good as was my cheese course but, ye gods, the heat, did I mention that?! Of course, we should have complained but we just wanted to get out into some cool air as quickly as possible. EaZyD suggested to the – very nice – waiter that it was a bit hot. ‘Is it?’ he said!

As we left, through the main restaurant (steep ramps down the front steps), insult was added as we saw, by comparison, this light, bright, beautifully decorated space. Perhaps the food in here was better too? How else to explain the glowing reviews I had read? With this 'overflow' experience, at over £160 for two, I felt ripped off as well as p***ed off ... definitely, not a treat! Why do they do this - have they no regard for their reputation?

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