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November 2009: Lifestyle: WAV rant - WAV decision made

September 2009: Lifestyle: Carole Waller - wearable art

September 2009: Lifestyle: Enabled by Design - stylish disability products?

May 2009: Lifestyle: Great support - support MS

May 2009: Lifestyle: - online market: disability equipment

March 2009: Lifestyle: Style conflicted? - Wheeliechix

February 2009: Lifestyle: Care Concern - my care agency

January 2009: Lifestyle: Wrapping up - stylish wheelchair user?

January 2009: Lifestyle: Man as Fashion Victim - Designer Warehouse Sales

October 2008: Lifestyle: Parlez-vous...? - wheelchair

September 2008: Lifestyle: New but oh, so old... - 3rd wheelchair

August 2008: Lifestyle: Kia Sedona - another wheelchair accessible car

August 2008: Lifestyle: Autumn Shopping - on the internet

August 2008: Lifestyle: Independence - loss of ...

June 2008: Lifestyle: WAV-evolution - new wheelchair accessible car

April 2008: Lifestyle: V is for Velcro - update on bespoke shoes

December 2007: Lifestyle: V is for Velcro - bespoke shoes

September 2007: Lifestyle: Hazard lights... - buying a new car

May 2007: Lifestyle: Fiat Multipla - a WAV review

April 2007: Lifestyle: More WAV research

May 2005: Lifestyle: Chrysler Grand Voyager - a WAV review

May 2005: Lifestyle: Exploring WAVs - WAV research

January 2005: Lifestyle: Intro to WAVs - wheelchair accessible vehicles

August 2003: Lifestyle: Zzzzz - good nights sleep - Royal Auping

February 2002: Lifestyle: Meditate me - wheelchair issues

January 2002: Lifestyle: Wheelchairs, 2 - the major purchase

December 2001: Lifestyle: Who cares? - care agencies

November 2001: Lifestyle: Hydrotherapy bath - pamper me bath

January 2001: Lifestyle: Axess 4 All - a lift for the house

September 1999: Lifestyle: More changes - adapting to a life

August 1999: Lifestyle: Supermarket shopping - aisle traversing

November 1998: Lifestyle: I hate... - occupational therapists

September 1998: Lifestyle: Lifestyle changes - adapting to a new life

April 1998: Lifestyle: Wheelchair, 1 - the first purchase

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