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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

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Supermarket shopping

Aaaaagh! We have spent a lot of the past year trying to source a lift for our home – part of the big ‘redevelopment for quality’ life plan we are putting into place this year – and it is just so unsatisfactory.

We live in a three storey house which we do not want to leave. I refuse to be confined in my own home. The only way for me to get up and down independently is with a lift. Our architect gives us some literature to look at and we do web research.

Mostly, the lifts we see are disgusting. They are ugly and noisy. This is not acceptable to us. Some lifts are just too sophisticated, needing a separate lift room for equipment. Some lifts are too simple - three floors is a problem for many. We narrow our search down and plunge into the market.

Our first experience was hopeless. The salesman wanted to sell us a through the ceiling lift. Domestically, everyone has these, he insisted, they are the best value for money. But it's ugly... I was distracted by the colour of the lift. ‘Why is it red?’

‘To help the visually impaired see it.’ I laughed. This thing is HUGE. If you are unable to see it, I am not thinking that the colour will make much difference. ‘But if you are able to see…?’

People like red, he said. I raised a quizzical eyebrow.

‘Would you like a big red lift in your home?’

‘No, but…’ ‘Me neither!’

We went down a few more blind alleys before we settled upon Axess 4 all. I am getting an A5000, smart aluminium and grey finish with clear doors – forgot to mention that I am severely claustrophobic – which will do three floors and be housed right up the side of my house. It seems a reasonable price but there will be an annual maintenance cost too. The guys seem like good people, what more can you say?

Once it is in, we will walk in our front door, the lift will be opposite and totally separate from the main body of our home. I really think this is going to work…

Axess 4 All
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