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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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Oh, oh, oh, I am bubbling over with excitement! There’s finally a new WAV on the market. Check this out:

They say it takes just one minute to get in and out. Oh, bliss. Oh, deep joy.

I sent for the promo literature immediately. OK, it’s clearly not cheap. They quote £35k to £42k. And, I have no idea what a Kia Sedona looks like despite checking out cars on the road for a week or two. I can only hope that the interior specification is a bit better than that of so many other wheelchair wagons!

It is a brand new patented design. It does not require massive redesign of the interior, nor is the floor lowered, nor is the gearbox, petrol tank and so on re-jigged. Surely this must be easier to service, more economical, easier to resell than most other wheelchair wagons!

On the downside, there are none out there, being driven by punters, on the road yet, so if there are teething problems to iron out…

Who cares?! I called. I have an appointment to see it in a couple of weeks. Could this be the answer to all my transport problems?

August footnote:

Sadly, no, my bubble was burst. No WAV-evolution for me!

I loved the car; the entry process was - even for a total wimp like me - easy but, ain't there always, the wheel base of my Balder is long. In situ, I was just too close to the front to give me any leg room and I just cannot travel without being able to move my legs. For many, this would not be a problem; for me, it was a deal breaker. But, I recommend you to those nice guys at Aspect Conversions who passed me on to ...

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