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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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Brook Miller conversions do an upfront ride in a Kia Sedona. I gave them a call and down the motorway they came.

Eeeek! Problem: Mr BM-Demo did not bring the suspension lowering version of the car that I was expecting. Not a big deal except that the slope in/out was a bit steeper than I was anticipating! Mr BM-Demo knew he had a problem as I inched across my garden tiles towards him - incredibly bumpy and on a downwards incline. Yes, I did choose them; we all make mistakes. Everyone else thinks our drive is a doddle, 'slope, what slope?'

I sat for ten minutes, sweating, eyeballing the ramp, before taking the plunge and zooming up it with EaZyD, Mr BM-Demo and Pierre (our gardener who was there that day) surrounding me 'in case I fall.' Once in, I couldn't turn to get to the passenger space (my chair needed a bigger turning circle) so had to reverse out down the ramp - screaming - then reverse BACKWARDS up the damn ramp to get in...actually, I didn't.

I turned my wheelchair off, shut my eyes and EaZyD, Pierre and Mr BM-Demo pushed me - screaming - backwards up the ramp. Once in again, it was cool. We went for a short drive, the leg room was good, EaZyD liked it. Then, oh crap, I had to go frontwards down the big slope to get out...

More screaming, eyes shut, Mr BM-Demo shouting, 'look into my eyes... Into my eyes!' Me, stopping halfway down, yet more screaming...this isn't sounding good is it? Surprisingly, it was one of my better experiences! On the ground, I was fine again.

We do quite like the car itself - comfy, big, smooth drive, in black with tinted windows, it will look fine. We think it's a goer. We just need to reassure ourselves that I really will be zipping in and out of it easily in no time, in rain and snow, without needing the assistance of three strong blokes!

So, transport problem nearly solved for us, I think...

London Roads
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