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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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The demo with the Multipla was surprisingly great. I felt really safe and its’ quirkiness was charming. I got in and out OK; manual ramp and most of the back gone to allow access, nice leg room, good head height. Ooops, EaZyD and manual gears? Fine, after a shaky start! In black? Cool – very eco-warrior! EaZyD was less convinced but conceded it was more fun than he thought it would be.

We decided to hire the Multipla for a few days to try it out...maybe use it to go to the Roadshow, maybe take a trip to Newcastle.

All of these plans fell apart…we both got a dreadful virus and were too unwell to do any of these trips. We got out once to see Harry Potter...a nice low key, easy, local trip. I HATED IT!  I spent the whole journey eyes shut, clinging to the sides, muttering various expletives as EaZyD braked, accelerated, tore round corners and created more mayhem than you can begin to imagine in such a car.

’You need to use a wider vocabulary,’ he commented.

I found it very difficult to ‘place’ myself in the Multipla passenger space. I felt very disconnected, not grounded... truly very weird and uncomfortable. I would get used to it but do I want to?

I just want easy, pleasant. I am always outside my comfort zone and I AM SICK OF IT! OK, whinging over, the idea of driving in the Multipla up to the Mobility Roadshow was not appealing... 70 miles of motorway with my wheelchair creaking and swaying and me screaming quietly out of the window...ummmmm, no.

Sadly, we concluded that the Multipla, despite being a well done conversion at a reasonable price, is not for us. EaZyD hated that manual gearbox, the inside space at back is very limited for storage because of the rear entry, the manoeuvring out backwards, relying on someone else’s eyes is not for me, and, while it is quirky, we want more comfort and luxury.

The Chrysler has more space, easier access and a much higher level specification…dammit!

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