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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Good nights sleep
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As my neurological paralysis progressed, I kept waking through the night in pain. Alarmingly quickly, i was so paralysed that I could not move to ease the pain. I HAD to wake EaZyD to help me - he is not at his best on being woken from deep sleep in the early hours and forced to get up and into 'ACTION'. Especially not every hour, every night, night after night. After a few weeks of continually broken sleep, we were incapable of rational thought. It was becoming harder and harder to force EaZyD up. I was staring at murder in his face, we had to find a solution.

SOLUTION: BigP said it would be good for me to elevate my legs at night - it would help, oh, loads of physical stuff. We created a sleeping position where I was on my back with my legs, head and back raised. Immediate success but It was not ideal. We were using pillows, cushions, towels, the duvet - whatever we could find - to make me comfortable. Some nights, we just couldn't do it. I was still having to wake EaZyD to move me but less often at least!

We did this for a few years, all the while looking for a stylish and beautiful replacement bed which would make our life easier and look as good as our antique baroque style French bed - we were desolate at the prospect of giving up this cherished and carefully chosen item. Finally, we found it and I have just two words to say to you:


It is big - two three foot mattresses plus surround. Each mattress has its own controls over four motors (head, back, knees, feet), heating, a cleaning cycle. It is expensive, sleek and the most comfortable bed that I have ever slept on. I can move myself using the controls. EaZyD sleeps through the night. I can put on the heat when I hurt...oh, bliss. It has wheels, it sings, dances and speaks the language of love and sleep.... ZZZZZzzzzz...have a good nights sleep.

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