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November 2008: Health Matters: Chemo-peel? - more skin cancer

November 2008: Arts: Go tell it... - DV8 at The Lyttleton

October 2008: Socialising: Austerity rocks - Staying in

October 2008: Lifestyle: Parlez-vous...? - wheelchair

October 2008: Arts: The Tricycle - Radio Golf, play by August Wilson

October 2008: Arts: Rothko - exhibition at Tate Modern

September 2008: Lifestyle: New but oh, so old... - 3rd wheelchair

September 2008: Arts: Francis Bacon - exhibition at Tate Britain

September 2008: Health Matters: I can walk... - healed?

September 2008: Socialising: The Olde Bell Inn - meeting up in Hurley

September 2008: Travel: Travelogue - travel in particular

August 2008: Lifestyle: Kia Sedona - another wheelchair accessible car

August 2008: Lifestyle: Autumn Shopping - on the internet

August 2008: Lifestyle: Independence - loss of ...

August 2008: Socialising: Tell me... - and I'll tell you

July 2008: Socialising: The Bingham - riverside dining

July 2008: Arts: Philosophising... - a short online course

June 2008: Lifestyle: WAV-evolution - new wheelchair accessible car

June 2008: Socialising: Launceston Place - really good dining

May 2008: Socialising: Hisbiscus - really good dining

April 2008: Arts: Reading... - Julia Fox Garrison

April 2008: Socialising: The Royal Oak - simple pub food

April 2008: Lifestyle: V is for Velcro - update on bespoke shoes

March 2008: Health Matters: Just good friends? - relationships!

March 2008: Arts: I an' I, Rastafari - Barbican Centre

February 2008: Travel: A quick break, not - Seaham Hall

January 2008: Health Matters: Skin Cancer Girl - I'm back!

January 2008: Socialising: Le Cafe Anglais - Sunday lunch

January 2008: Arts: Barbican Cinema - 4 months, 3 weeks

January 2008: Health Matters: My illness 2007 - a chronology

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