Stiletto and wheels Stiletto title Sole to sole Stiletto

STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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My most important character attribute:humour, mental fortitude.

The quality that I like to see in a man: sensitivity, humour, intellect.

The most important quality in a woman: sensitivity, humour, intellect..

Your friends’ most important qualities:empathy, humour, honesty, intellect

My greatest weakness: anger

My favorite pastime: eating & laughing & drinking with friends

My dream of happiness: good health and soul-mates

What would be the biggest tragedy for me? To be a ‘regret’ to those I care for

What I would like to be: courageous when faced with difficulty.

The country where I would like to live: UK, USA, Spain in equal measure

Favorite color: black

Favorite flower: the beautiful orange trumpets in my garden (name?)

Favorite bird: Pink Flamingo


Favorite author: too, too many – Tolstoy, Irene Nemirovsky, Janet Evanovich.

Favorite poet: Langston Hughes, Ted Hughes, Benjamin Zephaniah.

Favorite literary hero: Don Giovanni, Prospero, Vicomte de Valmont

Favorite literary heroine: Anna Karenina, Madam de Merteuil

Favorite composer: Mozart, Handel

Favorite painter: Mark Rothko, Tintoretto, Darren Waterston,

My heroes in real life: those tested who cope with courage and retain good humour.

My historical hero/heroine: Martin Luther King, Queen Elizabeth I, Steve Biko,

Favorite name: Leila,

What I hate the most:intolerance, selfishness

Historical personalities whom I despise most: those responsible for hatred, war, genocide.

Military deed that I admire most: those able to survive.

The reform that I admire most: all recognition of equality in sex, race, ability, respect, love.

Natural talent that I would like to have: I would love to be a sculptor.

How I would like to die: to fall asleep in peace, knowing that I loved and was loved.

Current spiritual orientation: tolerate and be tolerated in peace and harmony.

The fault I am most tolerant of: all human failing, for we strive and yet we fail.

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My motto is to find:
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