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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Petrus restaurant
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For a great meal in a fab location, get yourself down to The Bingham Restaurant (and Hotel) in Richmond.

In an old Regency building, it has level access, great river views, contemporary décor, modern chandeliers, lots of mirrors and windows. In the bar, as EaZyD slid to the floor, he commented that the seating was a triumph of form over function – probably a good thing as he would have fallen asleep immediately if overly comfortable!

In a not too large dining room, our small oval table was a great size for four, and the beautiful windows, with idyllic views of the sun dipping behind the trees, were to die for. As was the meal – cutlery, china, presentation, food, service…even the price seemed pretty reasonable (budget somewhere between £50-£100 depending on how much you drink)!

From a tempting menu, we tried to pick a mix of tastes and textures as we will happily dive into each other’s dishes to try everything. Our conclusion: all good, nothing bad. Fantastic!

A starter of Roast Quail with pickled mushrooms and caramelised foie gras was just too good; a main dish of Roast Garlic Risotto with black trompettes, wild flowers and garlic chips - totally sublime; and, the pink grapefruit sorbet in one dessert - an astoundingly refreshing treat. There were so many other yummy food delights - an amuse-geule of crab, black pudding (with pork), some dustily light marshmallows (we asked for more of these but the kitchen had gone home) and more. Have not heard of this chef, Shay Cooper, and can only say that where he goes, we follow.

With the splendid food, we gaily imbibed cocktails, aperitifs, digestifs, water, wine and coffee whilst discussing the probability of the existence of God - we felt blessed with good fortune for sure.

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