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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Petrus restaurant
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Salad Days

Hibiscus recently relocated from Ludlow to London. It had a great foodie reputation and the opening reviews in London were zinging.

EaZyD and me, we needed something to counter the doom of expensive domestic breakdown work, recently completed. I rang to book, expecting a long wait for a table. And, sure, they were full for the initial dates I was looking for. However, they were charming about it. So different from many other restaurants! 'Please do call and try again,' they said.

I did. We went and enjoyed it a lot – serious food!

Nice level floor to roll in on, reasonably spacious. The room was all smoky mirrors, pale wood, honey colours - not exciting but we could at least hear ourselves speak. They do a chefs 7 course menu that might be worth trying with a longer time...we got there at 9.30pm - it felt a bit late to eat so much... 3 courses was all we could manage!

I had a very yummy white asparagus tart with goats cheese ice cream for dessert plus a slightly weird mackerel gêlée to start and chicken livers in duck fat for main. I know it's in the wrong order but the dessert was the most memorable course. EaZyD had the better starter - forgotten what it was - and half a goat for his main plus a yummy strawberry thing for dessert.

They do all the little amuse-gueules bits - love those - and some fab chocolates with coffee.   Claude Bosi did the chef(y) thing - they must hate that! - and looked a lot thinner and younger than he does on TV! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming - love that. It is expensive - why do you think it was just us? - but if you like really good food, well worth a visit. I think we may go back...

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