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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Pulmonary embolus
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Still trying to adjust to my ghastly facial scars and horrible new nose shape – yes, I know everyone says it is barely noticeable BUT these are the people politely ignoring all of my neurological paralysis and side effects, ‘no, no you look fine…just like you used to.’ Oh, really, how can I trust them? I was not looking forward to the facial chemo gel treatment that I needed.

At the surgical clinic, they said it would be a really grim experience - they know how to make you beg for it! I looked on the internet; it sounded horrendous. Finally, in September, I saw Derm Doc who ‘encouraged’ me to go ahead, think ‘chemo-peel.’ I went for it mid-October.

  • One week in - I was looking good, just one area blistering up and not too unsightly.
  • Nine days in – a little worse, about three or four small inflamed areas. Not too different from my usual steroid spots, still feeling positive.
  • Two weeks in – ummm, not so good. I have lots of little red patches scabbing up. Mixed feelings now: lucky I went for it as I clearly needed it: worried about scaring people.
  • Three weeks in – I am in official hibernation. Much more inflammation and spots. EaZyD says they look like cold sores - not a good image! I am now concerned that the bad cells will not be gone when the treatment ends.
  • Four weeks and done – aaagh! I have livid lesions on my face. It's more than a bit unsightly and healing very, very slowly.

The lesions and lividity took a few weeks to heal and I still have a few worrying areas that just don’t look OK. I spent some weeks at home alone. I ‘celebrated’ my November birthday at home with friends. EaZyD cooked from Skye Gyngell’s book – fab!

i think I should be worried but I am off to the hospital soon to try and halt my neurological relapse. My brain can only do one crisis at a time. I will come back to this next year...maybe!

Cover up.
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