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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
ARTS - October 2008
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So many good things in one package last weekend: Rothko, the Tate Modern, food and London.

Don’t we all have experiences that move us in a deep and profound way? The art of Mark Rothko is one such for me. OK, OK, if you are of the view that ‘a 3 year old could do that’ and have only ever seen Rothko’s work on TV, DVD or in a book, give yourself a treat and go along to the newly opened exhibition at Tate Modern. Even more than for most artists, only in the flesh, can you appreciate the scale, dimensions and craft of Rothko’s art.

I can’t guarantee you would feel the same as I do about it – hey, we all have our thing - but I urge you to try it…just empty your mind, let the canvas fill your vision, and that vacuum in your head, and don’t try and see a picture of ‘something’ in it. There isn’t one, he’s an abstract artist, it’s not meant to represent anything – get with the programme!

Looking at the vast canvases of intense textural colour, of blocks, space and line, of light and dark, flickering and static, is, for me, like looking into the depths of the sky at night, the heaving swell of oceans or at massive mountain peaks. I feel the same senses of awe, perspective, of peace and place, of introspection, of the profound nature of creation and its’ expression by man. I wish I felt like this more often!

Tate Modern is a great place for the wheelchair user – bookable parking, wide open spaces, fully accessible. The exhibitions are free for members – am feeling an austere mood creeping over me as the City falls apart and the economy rocks but not in a good way.

We went up to eat at the Tate Modern Restaurant after – that austere mood didn’t last long, did it? As ever the food was mediocre and overpriced but the view was as fantabulous as ever. I always get that little warm lovin’ London feeling looking out from the Tate Modern 7th floor at the lights twinkling across the London skyline – that’s my kinda town.

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