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December 2011: Thinking: Where's the Benefit - Petition against the WRB

December 2011: Thinking: Merry Christmas - Best wishes

November 2011: Health Matters: Juggling Balls - neuro relapse & life

November 2011: Thinking: It's the claimants, stupid - 'The Future of Welfare'

October 2011: Lifestyle: Free BMW's...? - Lies about Motability abuses

October 2011: Thinking: The Positivity Myth - more lecturing on positivity?

September 2011: Lifestyle: WAV-EVO Update (2) - Responsibility and service

September 2011: Lifestyle: Hello October - Life grinding me down

August 2011: Thinking: One law ... - consequences of decisions

August 2011: Arts: Saatchi Gallery - modern sculpture

August 2011: Thinking: Nazi analogy? - poor choice of analogy

July 2011: Thinking: Creative Thinking? - wishing for creativity

July 2011: Arts: Writing Fiction - 10 week online course with Oxford Uni

July 2011: Socialising: Le Manoir - the sublime Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons

July 2009: Health Matters: AWOL... - a bad year

May 2011: Thinking: Hardest Hit - Harsh attitudes to disability

May 2011: Health Matters: Switched Off - being grouchy

April 2011: Arts: Modern Sculpture - Exhibition and food at RA

March 2011: Arts: Yamamoto & Zuma - Japanese design & restaurant

March 2011: Arts: Alice in Wonderland - ballet at ROH

March 2011: Thinking: A tax burden? - Merging PAYE/NI

March 2011: Lifestyle: Rainy Day - Aspect (WAV-EVO) goes bust!

March 2011: Thinking: Bunnies boiling in hell? - watching what you say

February 2011: Socialising: Design Museum & Blueprint Cafe - Exhibition & food

February 2011: Health Matters: A EUREKA moment! - Communicating pain

February 2011: Thinking: Signing up? - Petition against DLA reform

January 2011: Thinking: One Month ... - Petition against DLA reform

January 2011: Health Matters: Happy New Year - chronology 2010

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