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Socialising - July 2011

A leisurely Sunday lunch at a fabulous restaurant with good friends – one of my favourite activities at any time but especially on a warm summer day. Last week, I was at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons in Great Milton, Oxford, a forty minute trip up the M40 from West London and what a treat it was.

I have history with Le Manoir; it was the first Michelin starred restaurant that EaZyD and I went to, over two decades ago now. We were like a couple of kids, giggling at the prices, overawed by the experience, thrilled by the kindness of the staff and delighted by the artistry and perfection of the dining experience. You never forget your first time do you, especially when it’s good?

We went back, alone and with friends, over the next few years, disappointed only once, when a coach party and yellow plastic covered menus disturbed our equilibrium!

We went there to celebrate our marriage and our first anniversary, on which occasion EaZyD and I argued to the point of not speaking so not a great experience but no blame to Le Manoir that time!

And then, we went there last weekend and I really do think it was more sublimely beautiful than it has ever been.

Under the aegis of proprietor/chef, Raymond Blanc, the gardens, property and restaurant have all been expanded significantly, and with love, since our first visit. The gardens are magnificent – not entirely wheelchair accessible but I was able to see enough – with manicured lawns, mature trees and planting, a lake and sculpture.

The lounge and restaurant, accessible with the help of one internal ramp over two steps, were spacious and comfortable with great views out to the gardens. The food was fantastic, beautifully presented, no rushing and so good it is impossible to pick out any ‘best’ choices – eat what you want; all will be delicious.

On a, rare for this year, Sunday with decent weather, with friends who are exceptionally entertaining and price-tolerant, well, life doesn’t get much better, does it?

If you get a chance, do go. I am told they even have a wheelchair accessible room if you want to stay over and really indulge yourself.

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