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Anyone reading on the Stiletto Wheels site over the past couple of years – and longer – will be aware of my car agonies, up to and including the WAV I ordered but got completely shafted on last year – the WAV-EVO from Aspect Conversions.

As a postscript, I recently got a message from my website, saying:

…the latest news is that Aspect Conversions has spectacularly gone bust according to the creditors meeting as reported in the forum page of the Spinal Injuries Association, under Motability.

Whoa, did I catch a lucky timing escape there? I did get my money back in August 2010, last year, unlike the poor people writing on the SIA forum. From reading their comments, Aspect went bust in Jan 2011.

I guess any Motability customer would be protected (they fund an alternative in case of supplier bankruptcy, I believe) but it didn’t suit us to go that route so, like other private purchasers (and isn’t it always us?), we were completely exposed and, honestly, the whole damn industry is worrying – so many small converters doing their own thing – it sends shivers down my spine and I am glad to be out of it for at least a few years, I hope!

I do think It is a shame in a way though because, whilst I am reasonably happy with my SDL converted Chrysler, the entry/exit mechanism of the WAV-EVO still is the best I've ever tried ...and I have tried everything – I refer you to past postings!

If you hanker after this mechanism, and I do, some of those involved have wasted no time setting up again - see this:

Wilson Healy Conversions

A Fiat Doblo will never be my car of choice but I will keep an eye on them for next time - maybe they'll have more on offer … agh, I really cannot contemplate this for a long while!

Worn down
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