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And still on the WAV-EVO debacle…

Am I alone in thinking that there is an additional responsibility incumbent upon those who deal with services and products knowingly offered to uniquely vulnerable people in our society or is that just a quaint old fashioned idea and the severely disabled are as much in the game to be ripped off as anyone else?

I had reason to correspond with some of the staff who were previously employed by Aspect Conversions recently and in my correspondence, I commented:

‘with the passage of time (& the return of my deposit!), I am happy it is all behind me. I appreciate your efforts to explain the situation [which] I read with a benign sympathy that I am not sure I would be feeling if I had lost the £26.9k of my deposit - as others did.

I remain truly appalled at the unscrupulous fraud perpetrated by those involved and whilst I understand that there were consequences for all of the staff working for Aspect, I also feel that, if it were apparent for 18 months that there were problems, everyone employed colluded, to a greater or lesser degree, with the fraudulent trading that was undertaken with customers who are uniquely vulnerable. However dire the personal circumstances for the staff, I find it hard to see how continuing to take these huge sums of money from vulnerable people, to save your jobs, was a morally acceptable solution to the problems you all knew existed. That every employee involved lied and represented the firm as viably trading, when they knew it wasn't, is, at best, reprehensible and, at worst, both fraudulent and morally repugnant.

I was upset at the time and money I wasted and very angry too … I know, compromise is all part of the baggage when it comes to disability products [but] I would find it very hard to have dealings with those who, it seems, were prepared to defraud me. However, I do understand that whilst morality is a black and white matter, real-life, by and large, isn't and please understand, I attach no specific burden of responsibility, for what was obviously a nightmare for all of us - customer and employee alike - to any singular individual involved.’

I do get that it is difficult for staff when they are put in an invidious position by the actions of those who run the company that employs them and that they all lost their jobs at the end - a personal disaster for each of them that any of us will be able to empathise with – but does this excuse any behaviour to hang on to a job? To take tens of thousands of pounds from, and blatantly lie to, people who are far worse off than you yourself are?

I felt a bit po-faced in writing what I did – who am I to be judge and jury on another’s personal circumstances? – but it didn’t feel right to say: oh, that’s OK then, no worries, mate! We all do have choices even if they are sometimes unpleasant ones and, as adults of sound mind, are we really able to be absolved of personal responsibility for our actions by pointing and saying, “it was his fault”?

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