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December 2012: Thinking: Have A Cool Yule - Merry Christmas 2012

December 2012: Lifestyle: Equipment dependence - impotence on repairs

December 2012: Arts: Somerset House - Tim Walker photography - fantastic

November 2012: Arts: Myvue Cinema - poor service for wheelchair users

November 2012: Socialising: Hix Mayfair - great lunching

November 2012: Lifestyle: Meant for Me? - footwear, lack of

November 2012: Thinking: +Black Illustrated - Laughing at life

October 2012: Arts: Red Velvet - Tricycle - enthralling theatre

October 2012: Lifestyle: Blogging on Wheel-Style - individual style

October 2012: Thinking: Empowerment - showing compassion

September 2012: Socialising: Luke's Dining Room - another fine jam ...

September 2012: Health Matters: Slow Burn - more skin cancer

August 2012: Lifestyle: Plus Black - individual style

August 2012: Arts: Disability Horizons - online lifestyle disability magazine

August 2012: Thinking: Tony Nicklinson's right to die - showing compassion

August 2012: Socialising: The Bingham - another great lunch

August 2012: Lifestyle: Sonia Rykiel & Style - inspirational woman

July 2012: Arts: Greek tragedy - educational limitations.

July 2012: Health Matters: Chill Wind - my BUPA reality

June 2012: Lifestyle: Xeni Collection - designer clothing for wheelchair users

June 2012: Arts: Shawshank Redemption - a beautiful film.

June 2012: Thinking: Taking a break - writing about my life bores me

June 2012: Health Matters: Where is my head? - reeling post relapse

March 2012: Socialising: The Ledbury - a disappointing revisit

February 2012: Thinking: Being yourself - failings in emotional support

February 2012: Arts: Essential Art - art is essential to survival?

February 2012: Lifestyle: Neither creative nor functional - inadequacy issues

January 2012: Thinking: The Welfare Reform Bill - Harsh policies passed

January 2012: Health Matters: Update: 2011 - chronology 2011

January 2012: Socialising: The Hinds Head - pub grub at The Hinds Head

January 2012: Thinking: Resolving to-do ... - No resolutions, a lot to-do

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