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SOCIALISING - November 2012

Dahlings, don’t know about you but uber-trendy restaurants have been so over for me this past year or two.

I’ve had it to the gills with loud noise, crushed tables, sneering staff, over-priced, rubbish food and, that two-hour turnaround time … Grr! It makes me steam. Been there. Done it. Not doing it anymore.

Added to which, it’s so out of step with the zeitgeist of the moment isn’t it?

It just smacks of *ankers, desperate slebs and their hangers-on washing down the edamame beans, guzzling wine whilst Rome [London … the UK, Europe) burns.

Not that I’m going to a non-booking, queuing, fish and chips cafe either … oh, OK, maybe I would if I weren’t in the wheelchair but, man, queuing … in a wheelchair? If I’ve made the effort to go out, I need assurance that I will get seated and be able to, you know, eat.

I'm liking comfort, my friends, relaxed cooking, so, it was with some relief, I wheeled into Hix Mayfair, the restaurant of Brown’s Hotel in Albemarle Street, for a leisurely Sunday lunch.

We’d got a disabled parking space pretty much right outside. I knew it was going to be a good day and Hix Mayfair is my kind of place. We’ve been before, of course, it’s just round the corner from Bond Street and The Royal Academy but a couple of friends have been doing a regular Sunday lunch there and insisted we come … then cancelled. They bought a puppy and couldn’t leave Horace on his own.

The rest of us went anyway. Loved it.

Soothing interior. Spacious tables. Welcoming staff. Comfortable. Really good food - roasts, fish … oh, I don’t know but it was all good. Nice bar. They even had a wheelchair ramp for the one step up at the entrance … ooh, nice, I thought. I’m so used to slumming it up a step.

We stayed for hours. Totally past our welcome, I’m sure. Did they show it? Not at all. Prices were pretty reasonable for Central London.

If you get an opportunity, go. It’s an oasis of calm, food and drink amidst the busy hustle of Piccadilly. Hix Mayfair. Don't forget it.

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