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Petrus restaurant
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Truly this is the season for birthdays – at least for my friends and family. I seem to eat out more in the summer than any other time of year – not complaining tho’, really!

Last weekend, we went to Hélène Darroze at the Connaught.

I had been there previously, when Angela Hartnett was the chef, and was not too impressed. The food was OK but we were stuck in some side room and the service was abysmal. How different things were this time.

First things first: they have done some renovating and there is proper wheelchair access via a ramped entrance through the bar in Mount Street. That wasn’t there before!

On being told I was on the way by our companions, the bar staff kindly cleared a path so when I arrived, I had a no-obstacles route straight to the restaurant. Feelin’ the love … and appreciating it!

The main dining room is all wood paneling, big comfy chairs and relaxation. Not trendy, no gimmicks, just comfort and welcome. Nice.

Having been told we were on the dreaded two-hour turnaround – this seriously annoys me when I am spending over £100 per head! – we were delighted to find this was not the case, so we hit the Signature menu.

Four hours later, we were tired, full and still laughing. The service had been fantastic, the food excellent – my faves were the pigeon (I seem to be liking pigeon lot lately, see Fat Duck review) and the strawberry panna cotta.

A good time had by all! I love when it comes together like that.

We even got Hélène Darroze to sign EaZyD’s ‘sparkle’ birthday card a few days later … am sure he will appreciate it when he is old and grey and looking back on his life … like next year, maybe?!

Note: Parking in the road opposite was easy to find too, yay!

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