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Petrus restaurant
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I went to The Fat Duck in 1998 and I am still trying to forget a dish containing a ‘real’ coxcomb (yuck!) and our friends’ ill-concealed reluctance to eat anything at all. Despite its’ subsequent rise to fame and acclaim, I have not been back, until now

Last night, I ate at The Fat Duck … with a more open mind and different friends … and we had fun. Yes, that’s right – fun, fun, fun! But first, a proviso: if you like value for money, a quick turnaround or simple food – this restaurant is not for you.

At The Fat Duck, you will need a deep wallet, patience and enough tolerance to ‘go with the flow'. Their Tasting menu, at £150 per head, is the only menu option; drinks are additional; the whole process takes about four hours; and you may not like all aspects of the experience – but, if you have a sense of humour and are up for expanding your gastronomic boundaries, I am pretty sure you will have as good a time as we did. What did we eat? Take a peek overleaf … but maybe not if you intend to go yourself soon.

This morning, thinking back on it, I delight in the flourish, the craft, the attention to detail and the creativity invested in the experience. You must appreciate this effort at least as much, if not more, than you do the simple function of eating the food to really get the most out of your visit.

We did … appreciate it all, I mean. We indulged our senses in touching, smelling, listening, tasting and talking in equal measure. It was as close to a theatrical experience as you are able to get with food. Think Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, Alice in Wonderland – things flamboyant, exquisite, surprising, exhilarating and whimsical … even magical. And fun, so much fun. A truly unique restaurant experience in the UK. I loved it.


Level wheelchair access, slightly tight turning at entrance.

Parking opposite in Hind’s Head car park is easy and free.

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