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And it just goes on … and on …

The washing machine, the hoist and now? Another lift door and my wheelchair? Truly technology and automation are great things in my life but, jeez, what the hell else can break down on me this year?

The new washing machine requires both plumbing and carcase door to be replaced – weeks of calls and organizing to date. It is now fully paid for and, as yet, not in place doing its’ job in our kitchen.

The hoist still has one broken wheel. Over two months later, the order for repair was finally placed two weeks ago. The repair is due to be done this week. What are the odds?

It's all down to social services (the SS) and, fifteen years on, my local SS/OT department remain as dilatory as ever. I shudder to imagine life if I were entirely dependent on them. Thankfully, with my own contingency back-ups in place, the wait just adds to life's difficulties rather than causing us to break down. Though the relentless whining - mine, EaZyD's and the carers - is really annoying now.

I was finally forced to get in touch with Kone - service providers for the lift - when my lift door - which they insisted was 'fine' - actually stopped working altogether.

And, guess what? They couldn't repair it. For the past four weeks, it has been only working sporadically. Fantastic, not. As from January to April of this year - I am again unable to travel between the floors of my home independently which is infuriating given Kone’s previous assurances of it being, I repeat, ‘fine’!

No, guys, NOT flippin’ fine, per my email:

As I am unable to use the lift independently at present, the door malfunction is extremely inconvenient for me – rather like a non-disabled person being without a car and having to wait for lifts/buses from random strangers to get anywhere. Would that I were John Lewis, say, and had sundry alternate lifts to use but I am, and do, not, sigh!

To date, with copious calls and emails, I am assured the necessary part is due in this week – though they also said that three weeks ago. I wonder when they will come and, you know, actually do the repair?

And finally, sob, my trusty Balder wheelchair stopped working. Could not believe it! Not the BIG B … she never lets me down.

However, a quick reboot seemed to solve the problem … at least for the first few times and Etac arrived within 48 hours and appear to have solved my problem. Now that’s service. Thank you, Etac.

Would that the other service providers in my life might take a leaf …

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Lifestyle - July 2013
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