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Lifestyle - February 2013

Here's the latest update, Jan/Feb 2013, on *living a changing life in style* ideas that I've expanded on in the Plus Black blog where I try to share, have fun and exchange views on style with other women experiencing life with physical change.

If you too are struggling to reconcile your changing life with the style and quality that you've been used to, join me at Plus Black.

Some of the topics covered in 2013, to date, include:

Hard to find great quality and design in plus sizes

Plus size, Plus style, Plus Black - Jenni Murray on Black

Hula Hoop Wheels at Chanel

Moyaru at Walkers of Pottergate

Navabi: site, magazine, blog

Phoebe Philo Foot Moment

Skin Cancer? John Rocha Hats

Themes of White Plus Black

Style and Comfort - Couture du Jour

Trendy Mobility Aids @BlueBadgeStyle

Bags for Wheelchair Users

Brasserie One by @BendyGirl

Incontinence, unsexy, unstylish

Be Inspired by Style for Changing lives

In Retail Hell ...

Inspirational Woman: Zaha Hadid

Lovin' Really Useful Shopping

Magnet Fastenings by COS

There's more on the blog and I always love to hear your views on anything I write about. At the very least, do enjoy some fabulous illustrations, by Hannah Ensor at Stickman Communications on the Plus Black Illustrated page of my blog.

Check back in on Stiletto Wheels soon for another update about activities on Plus Black.

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