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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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I have always been an arts lover – literature, film, theatre, opera, music, dance, sculpture, modern art – pretty much anything really. Whilst illness wipes me out a lot, I do try to escape my life of hell and get back out there, to some semblance of my old life.

It became apparent very quickly that going out was … problematical! I had naively assumed that in our modern, equal society wheelchair access and disabled facilities would be – broadly – fine. I was so wrong!

How come historical and commercial venues are able to renovate and include a gift shop, coffee shop and visitor facilities but no wheelchair access? I guess that's a big-up to the Labour Government for allowing application of the DDA only where ‘reasonable’. What is ‘reasonable’ for participation in life on an equal basis?

We did, painfully, create some new rules of social engagement, for every trip outside of our home, which, rather than bore you with the details of endless refusal, inadequate description, bizarre entry, total lies, I summarise here:

Getting tickets will be a nightmare

No online booking for us, we hunt for someone who knows anything about access or book months in advance via some Access scheme. There are concession rates because we usually need a companion but the hidden costs are rubbish views and poor service even if we offer to pay full price – yes, that’s you, mean guy at The Coliseum!

If there is no access, just move on

Express your disappointment and surprise – they need to know. Don’t argue or get upset – they really do not care - move on. Life is too short for this crap!

If we make it, we make it, if not, well at least we tried.

Getting used to the time that life with disability and wheelchair requires is tough. Being sanguine about failure stops all arguments and allows us to be happy even when we miss things that we really want to see.

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