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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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Yippeeeeeeeeeee…we’re going away for the weekend. We really need a short break and do not want to fly. So, I trawled the net looking for a hotel with a wetroom - there had to be some by now!

Yes! We are zipping up the M4, for the weekend, to The St Davids Hotel in Cardiff - a spa, sea views, a ‘suite with wetroom.’ Whoa, and if it's a disaster, we’re only a couple of hours from home. Result! KGG said, ‘don’t you need more than 2 days?’

A good point, but we are talking CARDIFF!

And, we’re back. It went pretty well – the hotel and my wheels were friendly; the suite was big, high up, floor to ceiling windows, fantastic views across the bay, blue skies, squawking seagulls...loved it! The staff were great and really helpful.

A few minor quibbles – they had to take the bathroom door off so the wheelchair could get in the bathroom; the spa was fully booked; the restaurant meals were not great quality and poor value. The hotel has just been sold to new owners so there maybe changes to come.

We went outside the hotel briefly, to look around, and got drowned in a short, sharp hail storm that all the locals saw coming, leaving me and EaZyD alone on the Marina, battered by gigantic hailstones as we tried desperately to get across to the coffee shop where they were all watching us struggle whilst having a coffee/fag...

An unexpected visual bonus was the building which is home to the Welsh National Opera ...the very impressive Wales Millenium Centre. Sadly, there was nothing on for us to see.

Overall, it was an OK trip. I am glad we went. We got the break we needed but, unless we have reason, we are unlikely to go back.

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