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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Atlanta and New York
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Mid vomiting virus, neurological relapse and feeling very fed up with the cold, we booked a long weekend in New York to cheer ourselves up.   By the end of March, New York beckoned but woe was me! Bad hands! Back to one finger typing and precarious lifting but, obviously, we still went bad could it be?

Aaaagh, halfway to Heathrow, we realised we had forgotten to pack my sling. Why, why, why, do we not just leave the spare in the suitcase? Choice: go back and miss the plane or go on and buy a sling in New York – one of the world’s biggest consumer friendly cities? We went on to New York. I was worried. With my current hand and arm problems and no sling, lifting was going to be beyond difficult.

On arrival at JFK, we were met by the grumpiest cab driver on the planet who insisted on taking us the longest of routes because, ‘there’s a lot of traffic, ya know.’ At least he didn’t bother with conversation! We got to the hotel at 5pm and immediately began calling for a replacement sling. It took 1.5 days (of a 4 day stay) to get it, at a cost of 500 bucks (double the UK price) and much pain and tears meantime. Additionally, the hoist we usually hire, shipped from Atlanta, was damaged in transit – another 500 bucks to hire a replacement.  So, 1,000 bucks down before I had even started shopping!

The weather was COLD; my relapse bad; my pain level high; our tempers short. Our grumpy taxi driver continued to trouble us – refused to drop us at the hotel entrance, ‘too busy’; refused to wait even five minutes; drove off and left us stranded once! His cab reeked of cigarettes.

We did manage some retail therapy, saw a couple of great exhibitions – loved the Kara Walker, went back to Dizzy’s to see Marlena Shaw – my she is old! - who had a great trombonist with her (Wyclef Jean). As ever, the Four Seasons experience was great. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff, the room is good, shower flush to the floor, and the afternoon tea is to die for. With all the difficulties, we did love the break. However I was back at the hospital two weeks later...far, far too soon…

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