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Petrus restaurant
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EaZyD's birthday meal was at Petrus with our Kiwi chums, KGG and KGGh(usband). We had previously checked access. 'No problem,' they said. As we approached and saw about eight vertiginous concrete steps, EaZyD and I were both thinking, 'PROBLEM.'

No problem. The doormen produced a fold up ramp, placed it safely in position, EaZyD tipped my wheelchair back and they guided me up the ramp, wheels to floor. Yes, it was steep, it needed a strong hand to push up and I am not sure it could be done in my electric wheelchair. Nevertheless, I was safely in. The KGG, who kindly offers to wheel me about on a regular basis, said, 'you're right. I couldn't have done that'. 'Accessible' often requires judicial application of brute force!

The restaurant was in a smallish room. It was a jewel of dark purple with glittery lamps and glowing light, subdued and very flattering. The KGG has that Golden Girl thing about her which always ensures lots of good attention. The staff were both fun and efficient; we liked them a lot.

The food was excellent overall and fantastic occasionally - my starter with seared tuna and pink grapefruit was zinging and an Aberdeen Angus steak with foie gras was the sublime main course dish. Desserts were OK but the best was one none of us chose. They brought out a square of caramel with a Valrhona chocolate top and a rice crispy like bottom with one candle standing on it for the birthday boy. Fabulous. Sadly, but probably wisely, they refused to don Mexican hats and clap and sing very loudly!

The food was about £60 per person with a couple of supplements and, yes, it was remarkably easy to slide upwards of this on drinks. A case of serious quality rather than quantity thankfully so no bad hangovers the next day.

Petrus definitely features in my top 5 London restaurants.

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