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OK, it’s been an age since we ordered the new car – 29 October 2009 in fact - and I was kinda worried at the silence and then, damn, the WAV-EVO guys said there was a delay. We were expecting completed conversion and delivery at ours in mid April, but, in early March, they have no car to even start the conversion. How can this be? After literally years of making this decision, in a market where dealers are supposedly struggling to offload stocks, they have no cars. Oddly, disquieting, no?

As you know (look at previous posts if you don’t), this has been a hard decision for us and I still want to bury my head and hope it all comes good but, after several weeks of conversation and emails, I ended up sending this a couple of weeks ago:

I appreciate your frankness in explaining the difficulties you are currently experiencing but, whilst enlightened, I remain less than happy with the present position.

[We] have looked at the used car availability and feel we will be forced to compromise on our preferences if we go this route.  We are still considering whether we would wish to make the compromise.

The six to eight week new car delivery estimates that we have been given would appear, on the face of it, to be longer than your early to mid-April estimate for delivery.  Obviously our quandry is whether you receive the expected April deliveries?  If you do, this will be the fastest delivery from now.  If you do not, yet more wasted time will elapse.

So, here we are.  There is no easy decision to make.  I guess for the moment, we wait.  I will be in touch if [we] change our position on the waiting and I will hope to hear from you as soon as anything moves on your end.

I do appreciate that this is as uncomfortable a position for your company as it is for your clients.  Let us all hope for a speedy, positive resolution to the difficulties you, and by default we, are experiencing.

Oh dear, I can feel myself beginning to hyperventilate! If I could go elsewhere, I would at this point.

Update: 9 April 2010, WAV-EVO say a big shipment is due in next couple of weeks … watch this space …

Good luck
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