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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
Pulmonary embolus
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2006 was a good year! Ok, it started badly with a horrible vomiting virus, an early neurological relapse, I went deaf in one ear, got diagnosd with gallstones and, worse, EaZyD got man flu - the flu that caused one male friend to go to casualty and insist on an ECG because no one could ‘feel this bad and not be dying’...

By March, I was one finger typing but intent on delaying the next course of steroids until after our New York trip and then, back I went to the slammer. Ooooh, I am loving this new day patient system at the hospital – speedy. efficient, home every day post treatment – fantastic.

In April, things were improving nicely, when one morning, I woke up and discovered all the muscles motoring my right eye had seized up. I looked like a stroke victim yet again! 

I spoke to Dr M, we agreed I would have to wait and hope it would settle down. It is like having botox in one eye socket – not a good look. I contemplated wearing a rather fetching eye patch but thankfully it began to improve a few days later and we had a good summer in London.

A post summer relapse began. By November, I am back at the hospital.  My skin is flaking off all over. Steroids: the new chemical peel. The usual horrid spots are back along with the popping face veins.  I feel so worried about my crumbling bones.  I want to laugh and dress up and have fun...but I am just so tired.

On our last day at the hospital, we had theatre tickets in the evening. Sadly, as we got in the car, we discovered the battery was flat. Surprise - no taxis available. We had to knock on doors for help to jump start our car. We made it to hospital by the skin of our teeth, had treatment and walked, in freezing cold, with me shivering and shaking, to the theatre. Their wheelchair lift had broken down – no access, no play! We trudged back to the car and home. Yes, 2006 was a really good year!

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