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ARTS - September 2010

Went to Myvue in Westfield last week and had another tedious ticketing experience. (For the first such, click here.)

EaZyD queried the full price tickets for both wheelchair space and companion seat. Usually there is a concession for companions which, rather than being a ‘freebie’, simply acknowledges that a wheelchair user who needs to be accompanied - like me! – otherwise pays double for every event they attend.

“You need a carer card for that. It’s policy.”

“Er, since when?”

Of course no-one knew from when but, frankly, who cares? This is the policy and to get one of these you have to go online and apply! You must also have it on you to get the tickets – bit of a bummer if you want to make a spontaneous cinema visit on the day you were going to the theatre only to find all the roads jammed ‘cos the Pope is in town!

Strolling, to the fab little upstairs balcony that a lot of the Westfield screens have for wheelchair users, with a manager, we had to ask. “Why the new policy?” “To prevent misuse and fraud.”

“Isn’t being in a wheelchair and booking a wheelchair space plus one evidence enough of being genuine? Or are you getting a lot of able-bodied people with access to a convenient wheelchair, prepared to be pushed and to wait around for a wheelchair space, all to save the price of cinema ticket?” Yes, dripping sarcasm always helps … not!

I may have also mentioned that with about two wheelchair spaces per screen, the level of any abuse was not going to be massive was it, and did they really want to put more barriers in the way of those who already find it difficult enough to get out and about without more obstacles being added!

The manager was unmoved and whilst the price of two full price tickets is not too onerous for me, is it really fair that those who depend on help must pay double the price of those who do not, to do the same things?

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