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STILETTO – a high pointed HEEL on a woman’s shoe or a small dagger.

WHEELS – a medieval instrument of torture or a vehicle for personal mobility. title
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JAZZ – popular music characterised by syncopated rhythms and improvisation.

We went to Ronnie Scotts, which has been revamped at huge cost, and which, we were assured, was now wheelchair accessible.

Is your idea of accessible to have four big blokes hefting you up the front steps, chucking you into the foyer then dropping you back down the stairs on the way out?

OK, it’s only a few steps and the door men were charming about doing it – albeit completely unaware that you should NEVER lift a person in a wheelchair by holding the footrests – the only bit of the chair that is almost always detachable and liable to come off! What would they have done if I had arrived in my electric chair, which is as big and heavy as an articulated lorry?

If I see walking people being carried up/down stairs THEN I might accept being carried in my wheelchair constitutes access. UNTIL THEN, access means that if they walk, I expect to wheel. Being carried by others up and down stairs is unsafe [for passenger and carrier], lacks dignity and SUCKS!

There is an easy solution: GET A RAMP.

I meant to drop them a note to suggest that they could have included a few hundred quid on a portable ramp in their HUGE redevelopment budget but apathy rules! How odd that buying a ramp didn’t occur to them when they had that conversation about wheelchair access at the planning stage…

Once inside, Kyle Eastwood was playing. We had a great time. All the staff were fantastically helpful. So should I be bitching about how I got in or just be grateful that they were prepared to carry me?

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